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Control Panels

Indeeco can provide a control system for any electric process heating application. Standard and custom sized enclosures, along with standard and custom designed control operation, give Indeeco the flexibility to supply a wide range of control panels to complete the heater control system.

Our experienced engineering staff can design control systems ranging from ON/OFF logic to fully proportional SCR, multiple channel and ramp/soak control with computer interface capability.

Indeeco offers two standard control panel designs: Fully proportional SCR control and ON/OFF contactor control. All components are factory mounted and wired in compliance with the National Electric Code and are UL and/or CSA listed.

A Vernier control panel can also be supplied. Vernier control utilizes contactors, one SCR controller, and a microprocessor-based sequencer. The sequencer controls the staging of the contactors and the SCR controller. The SCR controller serves to fill in the gaps between the step-controlled stages. Vernier control is not quite as accurate as full SCR control, but more accurate than contactor (step) control.


For product specifications, refer to our technical document center.