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Track Switch Crib Heater

The Indeeco Crib heater is designed for easy and quick installation. The C-Channel is a slim 1 ¾ inches tall x 5 inches wide. Our Crib heater utilizes a sturdy round element which is 100% tested in our factory, passing extensive electric and water submersion tests. A robust perforated SST guard is attached to prevent unwanted items from contacting the heating element. The Indeeco Crib heater is built to be extremely durable so your track switch is always free of snow and ice.

Standard Features

  • Sturdy C-Channel construction
  • SST or Steel C-Channel Material standard
  • Slim Channel design – 1 ¾ inches tall x 5 inches wide, makes installation quick and easy
  • 2,4,8,10,12 ft. standard channel lengths
  • Heating Element is .490 diameter round tubular, with U-bend 4 inch center to center
  • 321 SST or Incoloy element sheath material
  • 100 to 500 watts per ft available
  • 20 ft wire lead, 6 AWG
  • Aluminum perforated guarding
  • Neoprene Overmold lead wire connection for max water proof
  • Epoxy Sealed terminal-end element construction, ensures moisture free element
  • Mechanically crimped on protective SST sleeve at terminal connection, eliminates loosening connections from pulling of lead wire
  • Voltage 120v-600v
  • AC or DC
  • Tested per Indeeco and AAR specifications
  • Certified to AAR requirements

Optional Features

  • Incoloy and Monel element sheath material
  • Custom lengths of channel
  • Aluminum channel
  • 8 and 10 AWG lead wire
  • Custom lead wire lengths
  • Quick Disconnects on lead wire for easy element or lead replacement
  • Voltages to 750V
  • Mounting Brackets to secure to RR ties
Stock is available in 8 ft and 4 ft, 300 watts/ft, 480 volt.