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Track Switch and Control Panel Testing

All Track Switch heaters and Control Panels are 100% checked in the factory, assuring that all heaters and panels are working properly when shipped and received by our customers.

Track Switch Heater Testing

  • Resistance Check
  • Insulation resistance check (Meg Check)
  • Dielectric Test (Hi-Pot Test)
  • Wattage Check
  • Hydro-Test. Fully submerge the track switch heater and all leads in a pressurized water tank (60psi) for 60 minutes
  • Reduced energy check for hot or cold spots in heater
  • Dimensional Check-Diameter and Length
  • Certification available according to AAR- Association of American Railroad Standards

Control Panel Testing

  • Test Voltage (Power)
  • Test Signals (Control)
  • Circuit Evaluation
  • Sequence of Operation
  • GFI Testing