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Sidewall & Floor Railcar Heaters

Indeeco offers a wide variety of constructions to meet job requirements.

Two typical assemblies are shown here. Both utilize a single element with dual circuits for two stage heating.

For more severe climates, two finned elements are generally required, mounted on a common base. These elements typically have a single coil.

Type 304 stainless steel sheath and fins (where required) are recommended for this application. The element ends are sealed against moisture.

Finned Floor Heater Assembly

A finned tubular element is attached to a stainless steel plate, ready to mount to the car structure. Silicone-insulated flexible leads are potted in epoxy to prevent moisture from entering the element. Leads are connected to stainless threaded terminals for field wiring. The terminals and the assembly are isolated from ground with ceramic insulators. The element is clamped in place at its center, allowing it to expand and contract during the heating cycle at both ends.

Unfinned Floor Heater Assembly

An unfinned element for one or two stage heating is furnished with moveable mounting brackets that can be located in the field to match the location of the car's pylons. Connections are made directly to stainless steel element terminals.