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Tubular & Finned Tubular Elements

Good design makes a difference. So do high standards for construction. Indeeco excels at both, and those strengths combine to yield outstanding results in the quality of  our tubular heating elements and finned tubular elements. Basic points about those products include:

  • Tubular elements have a coil of high grade-resistance wire  centered in a heavy gauge metal tube filled with  magnesium oxide powder. It is rolled  to reduce its diameter and compact the powder, insuring rapid heat transfer from the coil to the sheath and high dielectric strength.
  • For  finned tubular elements, designed and built for the requirements of each job, we have standardized on stainless steel because of its superior resistance to moisture and corrosion.


There are many applications where tubular construction is appropriate, such as these:

  • Clamped — Elements clamped onto a surface establish essentially line contact. This method should be used only at relatively low temperatures.

  • Inserted — Elements may be slipped into drilled holes in metal platens or dies, or sandwiched between semi-cylindrical grooves in two matching dies or platens.

  • Cast In — Elements may be cast into a variety of metals for applications requiring uniform heat distribution.

  • Immersion — Elements for these applications are furnished with threaded fittings or bent in such a way that the terminals protrude over the side of the vessel.

  • Radiant — Stainless steel or Incoloy sheathed elements may heat processes by radiation. Element temperature will vary with the work temperature, distance between the work and the element, and atmospheric conditions.

  • Air Heating — Either finned or unfinned elements can be used in both forced and natural convection applications.