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EXA Series Unit Heater

Indeeco EXA models are CE Marked and certified for hazardous locations to meet ATEX and IECEx requirements. They have also received the Eurasian Conformity (EAC Ex) Mark certifying them for hazardous locations to the new Customs Union Technical Regulations.  The three sizes of EXA heaters include our high performance liquid-to-air heat-exchanger cores that are available in twenty-six 230VAC or 400VAC, 50 Hz model choices to meet your specific heat output requirements and sixteen 480VAC, 60 Hz models to accommodate shipping vessels, offshore rigs or other applications requiring 60 Hz.

Product Highlights

Wattages of 3 kW to 30 kW

230V/3, 50 Hz, 400V/3, 50 Hz and 480V/3, 60 Hz

Air delivery up to 6,115 m3/hr

Air velocity up to 7.9 m/s

Horizontal air throw up to 22.3 m

High temperature relief valve

Two high-limit temperature controls; one with automatic reset and one with manual

Thermal delay fuse

24V Control

Optional built-in or wall mounted thermostat

3 year warranty against defects

Construction Features

Cabinet Material
2 mm (14-gauge) steel. Red epoxy/polyester powder coated with five-stage pretreatment, including iron phosphate.

Fan guard
Split design with close wire spacing. A 9.5 mm diameter probe will not enter. Black polyester powder coated.

Louver blades
Anodized extruded aluminum.

Zinc plated steel for corrosion resistance.

Flame proof (Ex d) and dust protected (Ex tb) cast aluminum with O-ring.

Mounting holes
14 mm diameter holes – Four located on the top face of heater.

Motor type
Flameproof (Ex d) or dust protected (Ex tb), thermally protected, 1500 RPM (nominal) permanently lubricated ball bearing type with 71 frame and “easy-off” fan blade replacement feature.

Three-blade non sparking aluminum, steel spider and hub with 14 mm bore.

Heating elements
Long-life, low watt-density, high grade metal-sheathed.

Heat transfer fluid
Ethylene glycol and water including corrosion inhibitors.

Carbon steel headers and element housing with O-ring. Fin tubes are carbon steel tubes with copper-free, roll-formed aluminum fins @ 2.5 mm pitch. Vacuum sealed. Coated with black, high-heat enamel.

Temperature high limits
One automatic reset rated for 100,000 cycles, and one manual reset. Both are snap action bimetal type, open on temperature rise.

Pressure relief
High-quality stainless steel pressure relief device.

Control circuit
Built-in 24VAC control. (1.04 amps, 25VA, grounded)

Control contactor
40 FLA amp (50 A resistive per pole) Definite Purpose. Rated for 500,000 mechanical operations.

Control transformer
Multitap primary, 24VAC secondary.

Fuse protection
Thermal delay fuse with spare, .25” x 1.25” , 24VAC = 1A.

Optional Features

Room thermostat with lockable temperature dial (option code T1 or T2)
Built-in, BTX1-E-A bi-metal (T1) or XET1-1-E-A (T2) electronic explosion-proof thermostat, 5°C to 25°C (40°F to 80°F). Marine-grade armoured cable and cable glands between enclosures. Wall mount thermostats also available. 

Disconnect switch with lockable handle (option code D2 or D4)
Built-in CEAG 20 Amp (D2) or 40 Amp (D4) disconnect switch with lockout feature. Built-in disconnect switch is shipped with a prebuilt gland/cable assembly that must be installed and inspected on site.

Continuous fan (option code F)
Continuous fan operation. Circulates air and prevents gas pockets from forming.

Heresite coating (option code H1, H2, or H3)
H1 = Heresite core; or H2 = Heresite cabinet (includes louvers & fan blade); or H3 = Heresite core and cabinet. 

Operating Limits

Ambient temperature
Operation: refer to above Hazardous Location Approvals. Storage: -50°C to 60°C.

Maximum altitude
3000 m above sea level.


For product specifications, refer to our technical document center.