Electric Heating and Controls
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Designing and Manufacturing Innovative Commercial and Industrial Electric Heating and Control Systems Since 1929

For over 80 years, INDEECO has been building state-of-the-art electric heating and control systems for a wide variety of industrial, marine and commercial applications. All products are manufactured in our two manufacturing facilities located in Missouri to insure strict quality control and customer satisfaction.
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Electric Duct Heaters Electric Duct Heaters
Open Coil or Finned Tubular
Electrical or Mechanical
Electrical Immersion Heaters Electric Immersion Heaters
Pipe Thread Heaters
Flange Heaters
Tank & Basin Heaters
Control Panels/Thermostats
Switchgear Heaters Enclosure Heaters
Long Life Element
Easy Installation
Corrosion resistant mounting
Electric Heating Products Electric Heating Products
Explosion-Proof Heaters
Fan Forced Heaters
Convection, Baseboard &
    Radiant Heaters
Process Air Heaters Process Air Heaters
Finned Tubular Heaters
Open Coil Heaters
Low Velocity Heaters
Control Panels
Bolt Heaters Bolt Heaters/Flexible Heaters
Fast Response
May be used in multiples
Insulating handles
Explosion Proof Heaters Explosion-Proof Heaters
Available in Standard,
    Heresite, or Stainless Steel
For Coal Mines, Oil & Gas,
    Aircraft Hangers and more.
Circulation Heaters Circulation Heaters
Circulation Heaters
Tank Heaters
Specialty Heaters
Refrigeration Defrost Refrigeration Defrost Heaters
Straight Length
Cartridge Type
Tubular and Finned Tubular Heating Elements Tubular & Finned Tubular Heating Elements
Terminals, Insulators
    & Seals
Mounting Accessories
Impedance Heating Systems Impedance Heating Systems
Pipeline Heating & Tracing
Heating Systems for Gases,
    Chocolates, Asphalt, Fluids
    and more... 
Quartzone Infrared Heaters Quartzone Infrared Heaters
Powder Coated, Heavy Gauge Vented Metal Fixture
Ceiling Chain Mount - Parellel or 45 degrees
Versatile Wireway for Mounting Simplicity
Naval and Marine Heaters Naval & Marine Electric Heater Applications
Fluid Heating Equipment
Vent Duct Heaters
Space Heating Equipment
Railcar Heaters Railcar Heaters
Finned Tubular Heaters
Open Coil Heaters
Cab Heaters, Demisters
Floor & Wall Heaters
Naval and Marine Heaters Controls
Power Controllers
Programmable Step Controls