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Commercial Construction

Our brand continues to set the standard in projects that require scale, innovation and imagination.

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Indeeco has pioneered the application of duct heaters in commercial construction applications.


Indeeco heaters are critical components that accelerate processes and boost productivity. 

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Storage tanks contain chemical cleansing agents that Indeeco immersion and circulation heaters maintain at optimal temperatures. 

Power Generation

Our decades of experience in the most demanding environments provide you with peak performance and no surprises. 

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Performance in the most demanding environments with confidence.


You can continue to deliver on time with Indeeco heaters.

To view all Indeeco's Railway heaters visit our products page.

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Rail switching points are cleared of snow and ice using rail track heaters.


Military and Marine

Maintain peak performance in mission-critical situations. 

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Our circulation heaters and control panels maintain optimal conditions for fuel and lubricants on military vessels.

Oil and Gas

Immersion heaters raise the temperature of heavy oil, greatly reducing viscosity.

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Our heaters increase mobility and productivity.

Food Equipment

Ovens cook faster and with no pre-heating.

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Tubular elements deliver the heat.

Focused Segments

Our products do more in a wide range of applications.

  • Skid Mounted Process Systems
  • Switchgear & Panel Builders
  • Cooling Tower Manufacturers
  • HVAC
  • Heat Treatment
  • Oven Manufacturers
  • Power and Cooling for Data Centers
  • Air Pollution Control
  • Medical Equipment
  • Boilers & Refrigeration