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Flexible Bolt Heaters

Indeeco Flexible Bolt Heaters are designed to allow easy access to stud bolts with overhead clearance restrictions. Indeeco Flexible Bolt Heaters incorporate a time proven design of 50 watts of heat per square inch. The flexible sheath allows the heater to be flexed or bent to almost any required configuration.

  • A unique “Top Hat” design, retaining plug and cable, help with insertion while preventing unraveling of element.

  • A special handle assembly incorporates a 90° offset, which increases the insertion clearance by 80%, allowing easy entry into studs with less than optimum clearance.

Standard Features

  • Alloy sheath
  • Element swaged to finished size
  • Two high-temperature resistance wires Grade “A” magnesium-oxide insulation

Optional Features

  • Three prong twist lock plug