WRI Series Register Wall Heater

The WRI register wall heater is ideal for use as a primary heat source in small areas or as supplemental heat in more spacious areas. Multiple heaters can be used to effectively heat large or odd-shaped rooms.

  • Installation Options: Units are designed for recessed mounting into shallow 2-inch by 3-inch stud walls or surface mounting with the use of an optional box.
  • Safety: Finned tubular elements provide electrical isolation from accidental contact.
  • Temperature Control: An optional thermostat can be installed in the heater or a remote thermostat can be used.


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Standard Features

Heating Elements
Steel finned tubular elements.

Outlet Grille
The louvered front grille is made from 20-gauge steel. The grille is finished with an epoxy/polyester powder paint in white or almond.

Built-in Controls
Automatic reset thermal cutout and overtemperature warning light.

Fan Motor
Quiet, factory lubricated fan operates at 38 dBA at 40 CFM for models up to 1,000 W and 41.3 dBA at 80 CFM for all models rated above 1,000 W.

Installation Requirements
The air outlet should be installed a minimum of ten inches above vinyl floors.

Rough In Dimensions
All heaters: 14-1/8″ wide x 7-3/16″ high x 3″ deep.

Factory Built-in Options

  • Disconnect Switch, Double-pole
  • Thermostat
    • Single-pole
    • Double-pole
    • Tamperproof
    • Off position

Field-Installed Options

Shipped loose for field installation into heater.

  • Surface Mounting Box
  • Thermostat Kit
    • Adjustable
    • Tamperproof
    • Single-pole
    • Double-pole


Remote Wall Mount Thermostat Available

  • Line Voltage





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Watt Density

Percentage of Wattage

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