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Replacement Boiler Flange Heaters

These 4-7/8” flange heaters (Series 770) are three-element modules specifically designed for large steam or hot water boilers. They offer a simple, practical solution to two problems inherent in all electric boiler designs: element stocking and field replacement.

Series 770 heaters offer an attractive alternative to large pipe flange immersion heaters, which contain a multitude of elements and are therefore more difficult and more expensive to replace in the field. By using Series 770 heaters, element replacement is simplified; should an element burn out, it is only necessary to remove one small flange. The rest of the elements can remain in service. 

Series 770 heaters are installed through a 2-3/8” diameter opening in a blind flange or a flat boiler head having a minimum thickness of 1-1/4”. Eight 1/2” bolts hold the flange in place. Horizontally mounted elements must be supported at three-foot intervals.


For product specifications, refer to our technical document center.