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Triad® Washdown & Corrosion Resistant Unit Heater

The Indeeco Triad unit heater is the perfect solution to the problem of heating people or equipment in non-hazardous environments where moisture and corrosion exist. Advantages of the Triad include:

  • Built-in Controls: All necessary safety and temperature controls are included in a single package. Components and motor are factory-wired to a single terminal block for field wiring, eliminating the chance for field error and reducing installation costs.

  • Single Point Electrical Hook-up: Heater, fan motor and controls are all connected to the same branch circuit.

  • Corrosion Resistant: Stainless steel construction, powder- coated aluminum fan blade and nonmetallic NEMA 4X terminal enclosure resist corrosion found in sewage treatment plants, swimming pool areas, car washes, paper mills and marine installations.

  • Washable: This watertight construction can be hosed down without disconnecting the heater, which makes it ideal for coal handling areas, steel mills, foundries, ships, wood finishing plants, cement, sand, grain and food processing facilities.

Standard Construction Features

Heating Elements

Industrial grade, Type 316 stainless steel tubular elements with stainless steel fins, manufactured by Indeeco.

Fan Motor Assembly

Totally enclosed, epoxy coated, UL Recognized motor with permanently lubricated ball bearings for longer life. Designed to resist moisture and corrosion. Factory-wired to NEMA 4X enclosure. Fitted with a powdercoated, aluminum fan blade suitable for corrosive salt spray environments.


Heating elements and motor are enclosed in a round, heavy 16-gauge stainless steel shroud.

Inlet/Outlet Grilles

Adjustable, stainless steel, louvered outlet grille can be rotated 90° to direct airflow up, down, left or right. Heavy gauge, stainless steel rear grille protects against accidental contact with the fan blade.

Control Enclosure

The non-metallic enclosure, which houses the element terminals and built-in controls, will not rust and meets NEMA 4X hose-down requirements.

Built-in Controls

Include automatic reset overtemperature cutout, fan delay relay, controlling contactor, transformer for 24-volt control circuit, terminal block for field wiring and a separate motor contactor (when required).

Mounting Bracket

The heater comes complete with a stainless steel swivel mounting bracket which can be used either for wall or ceiling mounting. Four field-supplied 3/8-16 threaded rods can also be used for ceiling installation.

Factory Built-in Options

  • Heater installs from the ceiling with field furnished threaded rods.
  • Epoxy painted stainless steel parts, housing, grilles and fan blade
  • Power disconnect switch
  • Monel finned tubular elements
  • Fan motor fusing with disconnecting contactor
  • “Heater on” pilot light
  • Secondary manual reset overtemperature cutout. Required for U.S. Coast Guard and ABS Design Assessed.
  • Three-position selector switch (heater-standby-fan)
  • 1-Stage Built-in thermostat 40 to 100° F (5 to 38° C) range
  • 2-Stage Built-in thermostat 40 to 120° F (5 to 49° C) range (Option “X” required)
  • 120 volt control circuit
  • 2-Stage Control