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Adding Heat to an Unheated Enclosure

A manufacturer in the HVAC market recently came to Indeeco to solve an issue they had in regard to operating temperatures for their VFD control.

Their panels had been installed in climates that saw temperatures well below 10°F for extended periods of time which was below the minimum operating temperature of the VFD. Since the panels were already in the field, the manufacturer wanted to find a solution that wouldn’t require the transformer to be increased. In addition, their panels were designed for different voltages, so the solution needed to accommodate this.

Indeeco addressed the issue by developing a Field Upgrade Enclosure Heater which was designed based on their popular HX Series Enclosure Heater. The Field Upgrade Enclosure Heater was designed as triple rated; 250W at 460V, 203W at 415V, and 170W at 380V. The heater included an integrated thermostat for temperature control and the expanded voltage allowed the heater to be connected directly to the incoming power supply eliminating the need for a larger transformer.