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Air Handling Manufacturer

Indeeco designs and manufacturers custom and standard electric heating solutions for air conditioning  applications, at virtually any order volume.

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A U.S. based, global leader of air conditioning systems had limited options for electric heat compared to their competition, resulting in loss of market share.  After several costly, time consuming and ultimately failed attempts to expand their offering with their existing supplier of electric heat, they reached out to Indeeco.

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Indeeco’s engineering team met with the customer in order to understand their goals and current offering.  Indeeco worked with both the customer and UL to develop the required heater designs and a comprehensive test plan for validation.  Indeeco designed, built and tested various heater designs in order to meet the customers' requirements and comply with UL standard 1995. Indeeco used customer supplied air handlers for performing in-house testing.  The customers' air handler product line required an electric heat option that would support both blow-thru and draw-thru configurations. In addition, the heater design was required to operate with airflow supplied by various housed and plenum fans supplied as a single unit or in fan arrays.  

In the end, Indeeco was able to develop a heater design that  doubled the temperature rise the customer was able to achieve with their previous heaters, while reducing the required airflow length by 4 feet.  Indeeco manufacturers its own electronic controls, which gave this customer much more control flexibility, including increasing the number of available stages from 16 to 20.  Indeeco’s proprietary design and pricing software is now built into their master system, making quoting and submittals easier and faster than they have ever experienced  

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Because of the increased temperature rise, smaller overall footprint, improved staging capabilities and speed to quote, this customer is winning business by taking market share from their competition.    They are so pleased with the results, they recently came back to Indeeco to expand the product line by an additional 197 unit sizes.