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Heating a Sports Stadium

Outdoor Sports Stadiums offer unique challenges to HVAC designers to satisfy heating and cooling requirements. That include outdoor to office, luxury box and retail spaces. And when it comes to heating these areas, electric heating is often chosen. The designer must balance the need to provide freeze protection during non-occupied periods as well as the need for quick response for comfort heating.

At a new major league baseball stadium in Washington, DC, after careful consideration the decision was to use Indeeco electric heaters not only for permanent heating but also for temporary heat during construction.


The job was originally laid out to use hot water heaters, but after review the specifications were changed to electric heating based on the lower first cost and the flexibility that electric heating provides.

The job called for a wide range of Indeeco electric heaters which included:

  • 6 - Standard QUA duct heaters.
  • 83 - Commercial UHI unit heaters.
  • 32 - WLI wall heaters.
  • 34 - Commercial UCI unit heaters. Many of these heaters were used for temporary heating during the construction.
  • 53 - CUI cabinet unit heaters.
  • 2 – Large KW custom finned tubular duct heaters, which were field mounted into air handling units.

A total of 2,159 kilowatts of heat was provided.

Indeeco Advantages

I asked the Indeeco representative what he liked about working with Indeeco on this job he pointed out “Indeeco’s ability to do factory mounted disconnects and thermostats (which saved installation costs for the contractor) and Indeeco’s very good lead times were a big help.” The initial phase of the job was bid and spec but as the job moved forward the opportunity to sell unit heaters for temporary heating came up and the UCI commercial unit was chosen. He also commented on the CUI cabinet heater’s flexible design “Personally I love the fact that the Indeeco electric cabinet unit heaters can be field-converted to different inlet and outlet airflow arrangements.” The mechanical contractor was very pleased with the convenience, product selection and appearance of the entire commercial line. We also received some positive feedback for product improvements that will make working with and using Indeeco heating products even more user friendly. Indeecohas had the opportunity to work on many high-profile sports stadium jobs as the depth of our product offering and experience positions us well in the market.

For additional information on this application contact:
Don Harris – INDEECO Commercial Sales Engineer,