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BMI Series Mini Draft Barrier Heater

The BMI mini draft barrier heaters are designed to fit under large windows to prevent cold down drafts. The heater provides total or supplemental heating for a variety of applications.

  • Installation Options: Units may be wall mounted or installed on the floor using pedestal kits. Custom lengths, blank sections, and inside or outside corners are available for wall-to-wall installations. Units can be ordered with Option “S” smooth painted finish back plate when the back of the heater is visible.
  • Choice of Colors: Heaters can be matched to any décor. White or almond is standard and a wide range of optional colors and custom finishes including anodized aluminum are available.

Standard Construction Features

Heating Elements

Stainless steel elements with aluminum fins float on high temperature nylon bushings for quiet operation.


Cabinet is constructed of 18-gauge steel with a 14-gauge aluminum front and top covers. The unit has an epoxy/polyester powder paint finish in white or almond. End caps are provided on all units.

Inlet/Outlet Grilles

The fresh air inlet is located on the bottom of the unit. The top outlet grille has openings less than 0.25 inches to discourage tampering with the heating element (pencil-proof).

Built-in Controls

Linear limit, automatic reset thermal cutout.

Electrical Connection

Each heater has a junction box located at the right end and a built-in full length wireway. Separate low voltage wireway is available.

Mounting Requirements

Minimum installation height above the floor is two inches. Field or factory-installed low voltage relay and thermostat kits fit into the right-hand junction box only. These units are not for residential use in the United States.

Factory Built-in Options

  • Disconnect Switch, Double-pole
  • Wireway
  • Custom Length
  • High Altitude Automatic Cutout
  • Relay
    • With Transformer
    • Pneumatic
    • Triac Proportional
  • Smooth painted finish on heater back
  • Tamperproof Thermostat
    • Single-pole
    • Double-pole
  • Adjustable Thermostat
    • Single-pole
    • Double-pole

Field-Installed Options

Shipped loose for field installation into heater

  • Corner
    • Inside
    • Outside
  • Pedestal Kit
    • Round
    • Square
  • Splice Plate
  • Contoured Splice Plate for Code S
  • Relay Kit
  • Relay Kit with Transformer
  • Blank Section
  • Tamperproof Thermostat Kit
    • Single-pole
    • Double-pole
  • Single-pole Thermostat Kit
  • Remote Wall Mount Thermostat
    • Line Voltage
    • Low Voltage