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Bottom-Mounted Immersion Heaters

Bottom-mounted immersion heaters were originally designed for use in coffee urns. However, their compact construction makes them ideal for use in steam tables, humidifiers, sterilizers and other applications requiring a very low heater profile and a short element length.

Standard Construction Features

Tubular Elements

Made with either two or three copper-sheathed tubular elements that are silver soldered to a threaded brass fitting


The fitting is installed through a 2-7/16” diameter hole in the bottom of the vessel, and secured to the vessel by a brass hex nut.


A NEMA 1 terminal box is standard on all units.

UL Listing

All standard bottom-mounted immersion heaters, with or without a low water cutout are UL listed.

Special Features

Allen Head Fitting - For convenience of installation, an Allen head fitting can be furnished on a NEMA 1 outlet box. This allows installation with a 3/8” Allen wrench rather than the wide jaw wrench required to fit the large hex nut on the NEMA 1 box.

For product specifications, refer to our technical document center.