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Seal Gas Heating

August 20, 2020

Seal Gas Heating

This heater from Indeeco was recently provided to a customer to increase service life for a mechanical seal gas application.  Gas compressors, turboexpanders, etc. commonly use mechanical seals to prevent the process fluid from escaping the casing along the shaft and into the environment.  These are often installed in hazardous or corrosive applications that require containment of the process fluid and to maintain seal integrity.   Mechanical seals are precision machined devices, so the compressor discharge gas stream must be conditioned for temperature, pressure, and contaminants prior to reintroduction into the seal.  The prevention of liquid formation and freezing of the mechanical seal as pressurized gas is applied externally to the seal is critical.  Indeeco custom designs and manufactures seal gas electric heaters and controls to meet the most difficult application requirements based on each unique combination of mechanical seal, compressor, and operating conditions.


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