BBI Series Commercial Baseboard Heater

The BBI baseboard heater is more compact than any other heater on the market, yet it provides a high level of performance and strength. The unit’s trim design enhances its appearance and rounded corners eliminate the sharp edges found on square heaters.

  • Easy to Install: Heaters may be mounted flush on any floor surface. Two rows of oblong mounting holes with center mark for ease of installation. No disassembly installation with single-screw built-in rear entry wire holder.
  • Electric Receptacles: Units can be furnished with built-on 120- and 240-volt receptacles to provide access for other electrical appliances.
  • Control Options: Heaters can be controlled by a building management system with the addition of a low voltage relay. Adding a proportional control device provides precise temperature control and increased energy savings.


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Standard Features

Heating Elements
Stainless steel elements with aluminum fins float on high temperature nylon bushings for quiet operation.

Robust 22-gauge steel body with 20-gauge front panel and welded junction box, with 4H pencil hardness epoxy/polyester powder paint finish in white or almond.

Built-in Controls
Linear limit, automatic reset thermal cutout.

Factory Built-in Options

  • Disconnect Switch
    • Double-pole
    • Three-pole
  • High Altitude Automatic Cutout
  • Relay
    • Single-pole
    • With Transformer
  • Triac Proportional Relay
  • Tamperproof Thermostat
    • Single-pole
    • Double-pole
  • Adjustable Thermostat
    • Single-pole
    • Double-pole
  • Wireless thermostat and relay module for heaters
  • Wireless relay module for heaters

Field-Installed Options

Shipped loose for field installation into heater

  • Baseboard Section 6″
    • Splitter Box
    • Surface mounted duplex receptable
    • For installation of 24V relay
  • Electronic Relay Kit, Single-pole
    • With transformer
    • Without transformer
  • Relay Kit
    • With Transformer
    • Without Transformer
  • Thermostat Kit
    • Adjustable, Double-pole
    • Adjustable, Single-pole
    • Tamperproof, Double-pole
    • Tamperproof, Single-pole
  • Remote Wall Mount Thermostat
    • Line Voltage
    • Low Voltage
  • Universal Corners



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